Why use Project Automation?

Automation can be defined as the use of technology to achieve tasks and processes done with little or no human assistance. Dynamic Language helps its clients to step into the future of translation and localization by hosting a state-of-the-art project automation and machine translation solution.

Especially for high-volume projects, this unique setup allows reaching maximum efficiency and consistently high quality.

Why use Project Automation?

The service also features a number of different Machine Translation engines carefully selected, based on language pair and subject. In addition, it creates a solid foundation for consistent, efficient translation projects.

Benefits of Dynamic Language’s Project Automation & Machine Translation service

Even though the benefits of Project Automation and Machine Translation are many, Here are a few to help illustrate what it can do for you:

Increase productivity
Project Automation increases production volume as more can be accomplished in a fraction of the time without needing to add in more resources. Pre-existing translated content is always available to be leveraged and applied to each new project saving time and maintaining consistency.

This solution also helps your business to scale upward, by increasing the production and quality of the translation without limitation. As a result, the predictability increases and with fewer risks.

Solid Quality
Dynamic Language’s framework allows keeping a record of all translations and to maintain the Translation Memories from the projects. Each client’s Translation Memories are linked to all of their projects, resulting in an evolved quality tool customised for the client’s needs. Consequently, this allows for maximum quality while guaranteeing flexibility for every job.

Centralized information
Often with the traditional translation process, complementary information can be misleading going back and forth in between all the communications previous to start the translation process.

Dynamic Language’s Project Automation service keeps all the information saved as part of the workflow, timestamped and chronologically organized. Therefore, clients get all project-related information centralized in just one place.

Our advice? Don’t lose any more time. We invite you to contact us today and start stepping into the future with this unique service aiming to help you do business in a multilingual world.

Why use Project Automation?