Invoices not paid within 30 days will be billed a 1.5% finance charge. Credit card payments may be collected immediately for projects under $500 in total. All projects exceeding $6,000 in total will require a 40% deposit on approval. The work described in this quote constitutes the scope of the project. Any change to that scope could result in additional charges; such charges will not be incurred without client authorization. Word count-based services will be charged based on source word count. This quote is based on an analysis of the files provided to Dynamic. The quote is subject to change if the source files are updated, and/or if additional files are provided.

The quoted fee includes digital file delivery only. Should a hardcopy or other physical media be necessary for delivery, an additional charge may be necessary. Project files may be stored for future reference, unless immediate deletion is requested by the client. Re-delivery of archived project files may incur additional fees. Rush charges apply according to requested time frame (with customer’s approval). Deadlines and time frames (turnaround times) are not guaranteed.

Client Review: Any client review shall be conducted exclusive of the time frame stated in the above estimate. Suggestions or changes must be submitted in writing, and will be incorporated at no extra expense to the client, if deemed reasonable. Any changes to the source content, or changes that are stylistic in nature will incur additional fees. An invoice for work completed will be delivered at start of the client review process.

Acceptance of Work: The Client will have twenty (20) business days after receipt of the work/deliverable to note any errors or omissions. After this reasonable inspection period has passed, the work/deliverable will be considered accepted as delivered and Dynamic Language will not be held responsible for any subsequently discovered errors or omissions. Further, the level of liability will be limited to the total amount of the project quote. Under no circumstances will Dynamic Language be responsible for any costs related to relabeling, reshipping, recalling items in connection with translation services provided. This limitation of liability is applicable to all services provided by Dynamic Language, whether pursuant to a particular quote or as a supplemental request for services outside the scope of a particular quoted project.

Record Retention and Data Privacy: Dynamic Language will retain records directly related to delivery of services for a maximum period of 2 years after the date of delivery unless otherwise specified in the customer master service agreement or applicable contract. State, federal, international and other applicable compliance requirements will apply. Email questions to

Cancellation: Once signed approval has been received, the client shall be responsible for all incurred expenses. For cancellation of Audio/Visual projects, a minimum of 48 hours is required. Prices quoted on this estimate are valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. Projects approved beyond 30 days of estimate creation are subject to re-estimation.

Please be advised that the above is an estimate only. Any changes to the source files and/or any additions to the project after the project has already begun may result in a final cost that differs from the above quoted amount upon project completion.

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