Transcript Translation Guidelines You Should Know

Dynamic Language | July 8, 2016


An accurate translation of a diploma is essential when you apply to get a job or to attend a school in another country.

In our 30+ years of experience translating transcripts we put together 3 tips you may find helpful before choosing a translation company.

Transcript Translation vs. Credential Evaluation

Clients often mistake the purpose of a translation. A translation is not an explanation of a document, rather it is an accurate rendering, into a different language, of what the document actually says.

A translation of an academic transcript should be a word-for-word rendering of the document from one language into another excluding any editorial commentary.

A translation is distinct from a credential evaluation. An evaluation explains the meaning of the transcript. Specifically, it explains a student’s academic performance in terms of an education system and grading system other than the one where he or she originally went to school.

Supply Clear & Readable Documents

Sometimes the stamp on an academic transcript is extremely faint, or a signature is nearly illegible. Our translators, however, make every effort to distinguish the text of the documents they work with.

But a linguist can translate only the text that appears on the documents provided. If a smudge or mark renders a word, phrase, stamp or even a grade unclear, then the translation may be missing vital information. 

White-out and/or ink marks can render a document suspect and void a translation.

Reference materials are not personal notes on how you want the translation to read, but objective third-party sources such as published dictionaries, glossaries or an academic institution’s published course catalog.

Hire a Professional Translation Company

Schools, government agencies and credential evaluators demand impartiality.

When amateurs or bilingual friends translate academic documents, one runs the risk of receiving a translation that could adversely affect the credential evaluation.  Those who consider themselves qualified to perform their own translation risk seriously damaging the credibility of their documents. Credential evaluators will rightly question the objectivity a translation done by the document holder.

Only translations from independent and professional translation companies meet the highest standards of impartiality that schools, credential evaluators and government agencies demand. When we certify translations of academic documents, we are guaranteeing that we stand behind the accuracy of the translation.

About Dynamic Language

For more than 30 years, our certified document translations have been recognized and accepted by virtually every U.S. college, university and federal, state and local government agency. We look forward to assisting you whenever you need a reliable, accurate translation.

Dynamic Language is ISO 9001:2008 Certified and we understand that potential schools and employers expect a translation to accurately reflect academic achievements in a clear, impartial manner.

Our experienced linguists, competitive rates and trusted certification process have made Accredited Language the reliable source for the translation of high school and college diplomas for students and job-seekers around the world.



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