Utilizing Software Tools to Increase Speed and Efficiency

The language services industry is under constant change with new technologies emerging and evolving daily. At Dynamic Language, we make it a priority to stay on top of these trends and explore how we can integrate these new systems. While we will always be a people-driven company that delivers exceptional quality through experience, we also recognize the important role that technology can play to increase efficiency, reduce errors,
lower cost and improve time to market.

Interpreting Technology

Interpreting Technology

We are proud to offer full integration with Interpreter Intelligence. This online interpreting platform allows clients to schedule interpreting appointments 24 hours a day and connect with a Dynamic
Language qualified interpreters automatically based on their appointment requirements. Platform

  • Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) appointment integration
  • Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) integration
  • Integrated reporting and real-time appointment tracking
Translation & Localization Technology

Translation & Localization Technology

Dynamic Language has partnered with the Wordbee translation management platform to deliver
translation services to clients on demand. This online translation platform allows clients to request
translation services 24 hours a day and connect with Dynamic Language qualified translators
automatically based on their project requirements. Platform features:

  • Customized client portals with file upload and delivery
  • Workflow templating and project automation
  • Real time project tracking
  • Translation memory and machine translation integrations
  • Continuous localization connectors to your content management system
Machine Translation and Machine Learning

Machine Translation and Machine Learning

Machine Translation (MT) is a powerful tool that plays a larger role today than ever before in the landscape of translation and localization services. Translation quality and consistency can suffer though without a partner that has experience with machine translation management and MT engine training. Features of our Machine Translation Program:

  • Options for stock or custom-trained engines
  • MT technology sourced from leading providers, including DeepL, Google, Microsoft and
  • Smart routing helps choose the best MT provider for your content
  • Full integration with Translation Memory to ensure consistency and eliminate paying twice for the same translation
  • Human post editors can maximize quality of output
  • Integration with client portals for full automation options and instant results
  • Quality measurement dashboards and quality program options to monitor, score and scrub content
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