Our Certified Translation Agency Team

Dynamic Language has a friendly and hard-working team that continues to grow steadily, with more than 50 employees now occupying the Seattle office. The team members pictured below are those you may be in contact with now or in the future. Get in touch with our team here.

Management and Leadership

Maria Antezana, Founder | Dynamic Language
Maria Antezana


Rick Antezana, Chief Executive Officer | Dynamic Language
Rick Antezana

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Kroman, Director of Operations | Dynamic Language
Josh Kroman

Director of Operations

Fabiola Hernandez, Manager, State Contracts Team | Dynamic Language
Fabiola Hernandez

Manager, State Contracts Team

Diane Haines, Translation Department Manager | Dynamic Language
Diane Haines

Translation Department Manager

Charity Quinn, Interpreting Department Manager | Dynamic Language
Charity Quinn

Interpreting Department Manager

Account Management

Dawni Jacobs, VP of Sales | Dynamic Language
Dawni Jacobs

VP of Sales

Jason Selden, Director of Client Relations | Dynamic Language
Jason Selden

Director of Client Relations

Jake Legas, Account Manager | Dynamic Language
Jake Legas

Account Manager


Mary Brown, Human Resources Manager | Dynamic Language
Mary Brown

Human Resources Manager

Dee Dee Luffman, Accounts Receivable | Dynamic Language
Dee Dee Luffman

Accounts Receivable

Paula Miño, Contractor Liaison | Dynamic Language
Paula Miño

Contractor Liaison

Melissa Green, Accounts Payable | Dynamic Language
Melissa Green

Accounts Payable


Amber Ritter, Senior Scheduling Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Amber Ritter

Senior Scheduling Coordinator

Lyla Red, Scheduling Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Lyla Red

Scheduling Coordinator

Laticha Graham, Scheduling Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Laticha Graham

Scheduling Coordinator

Denise Remedio, Scheduling Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Denise Remedio

Scheduling Coordinator

Gail Moore, Scheduling Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Gail Moore

Scheduling Coordinator


Josefina Spinuzza, Project Manager | Dynamic Language
Josefina Spinuzza

Project Manager

Clara Tuninetti, Project Manager | Dynamic Language
Clara Tuninetti

Project Manager

Delfina Rassetto, Project Manager | Dynamic Language
Delfina Rassetto

Project Manager

Holly Doering, Project Manager | Dynamic Language
Holly Doering

Project Manager

Emilio Martinez Espinosa, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Emilio Martinez Espinosa

Production Assistant

Julie Vu, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Julie Vu

Production Assistant

Ashley Napieralski, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Ashley Napieralski

Production Assistant

Chris Hernandez, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Chris Hernandez

Production Assistant

Adelaide Symmes, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Adelaide Symmes

Production Assistant

Pauline Fatou, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Pauline Fatou

Production Assistant

Ashley Corpuz, Production Assistant | Dynamic Language
Ashley Corpuz

Production Assistant

Briana Dyrness, Client Advocate/Graphic Design | Dynamic Language
Briana Dyrness

Client Advocate/Graphic Design

Ginny Riggs, Production Specialist | Dynamic Language
Ginny Riggs

Production Specialist

Keith Johnson, Production Coordinator | Dynamic Language
Keith Johnson

Production Coordinator

Jay Sakamoto, Client Advocate/IT Support | Dynamic Language
Jay Sakamoto

Client Advocate/IT Support

Keovannaseng Chindavongsa, Senior Graphic Designer | Dynamic Language
Keovannaseng Chindavongsa

Senior Graphic Designer

Asael Llamas, Graphic Designer/IT Support | Dynamic Language
Asael Llamas

Graphic Designer/IT Support

Angela Wetzler, ACES Billing Administrator | Dynamic Language
Angela Wetzler

ACES Billing Administrator

Kimberly Moor, Project Manager | Dynamic Language
Kimberly Moor

Project Manager

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