Pew Study Shows Increasing Diversity in US

The Pew Research Center recently released an infographic and article showing the US counties where an ethnicity other than white was in the majority. This was the case in 364 counties, or 11.6% of the US. In other research, whites comprise less than half of the population in 19 of the 25 most heavily-populated counties. This is the highest level of diversity in the US in modern history.

where minorities are the majority

Another sign of diversity is the growing number of counties where there is no ethnic majority: there were 151 last year, compared with 29 in 1990. For example, as a state, California has near equal numbers of Hispanics (38.6%) and non-Hispanic whites (38.5%).

Of the 213 counties with clear “minority” majorities, Hispanic majorities were slightly more common, with 94 counties. Since 1990, the Hispanic population in the US has more than doubled, from 22.4 million to 55.4 million. Miami-Dade, Florida, is home to the largest Hispanic majority population: 66% of 2.7 million. 

The second-largest minority is black, with most majorities in the South: 25 in Mississippi, 17 in Georgia, and 11 in Alabama. They also hold a slight majority in Washington, DC, as 47.4% of the population.

The third-largest group is Native Americans or Alaska Natives. Aside from holding 8 sparsely populated census areas in Alaska, this group also is the majority in some counties in the Southwest and the Great Plains, often where reservations are located. 

As the US becomes more diverse nationally, we will also become more diverse locally. In the Pew’s population projections for 2050, whites will make up 47% of the national population, compared to 67% now. The nation’s population will rise to 438 million, with 82% of that growth fueled by immigration. 

With such increases in ethnic diversity, there will inevitably be an increase in the diversity of languages, as well. As a minority-owned business, Dynamic Language is committed to providing quality solutions to overcome cultural and linguistic barriers, including translation, interpretation, and localization services.



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