Localizing Marketing Content for Latino Customers

marketing content for latino customersWhen you are serving Mexican-American customers, localized content and transcreation can help you better understand your audience. Localizing marketing content for Latino customers involves translating content about a product and culturally adapting the product for the Latino culture. It’s important that the message maintains its intent, style, tone, and context to resonate with the target audience. Both images and text can be transcreated to resonate with your Latino customers emotionally.

Become Familiar With Your Area

Your location is a good indicator of your market. Between 2010 and 2014, the U.S. regions with the most Mexican immigrants were the Greater Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas. These four cities were home to 31 percent of Mexican immigrants in the United States.

It will benefit you to examine local trends and preferences in the geographical area where you want to advertise. You can then seek cultural consulting, subtitling services, narration services and website translation that applies to the products you want to sell.

Identify the Language and Dialect Your Audience Speaks

“Mexican-American” does not always translate to standard Spanish. Your audience’s primary language may be English, standard Spanish, a regional dialect of Spanish, Nahuatl, Maya or Mixteco. Your audience may be multilingual or prefer Spanglish, a hybrid language of Spanish and English. Researching the place of origin and age of your target audience should give you an idea of what languages its members speak.

Adams & Knight, Inc., a Connecticut-based marketing firm, emphasizes the importance of using Spanish-language marketing emails for a Latino audience. Building lasting connections involve an understanding of those customers’ needs, relationships, and personal history.

It also helps to review at existing advertising campaigns and news publications that your audience currently enjoys. Target’s “sobremesa” campaign, which uses Spanish words with no English language equivalent, reflects on moments that bring families together. Cultural consulting can help you determine what images, experiences, words, phrases, music and even colors are touchstones for your audience. Understanding these elements will help you use tools like website translation, narration services and subtitling services to full effect.

For example, whether your website is in Spanglish or standard Spanish, transcreation services can help you make the text and images of your message of your campaign accessible to all audiences. One way to do this would be to emphasize the Spanish words in the content, putting them in bigger print. By doing so, the content will stand out to both bilingual and monolingual Spanish speakers.

Learn Key Preferences

Businesses such as McDonald’s and AT&T succeed with Hispanic purchasers because they ask what different customers enjoy and where they should advertise. Companies learn the answers to these questions differently. McDonald’s created a Hispanic-focused marketing committee of 25 people. AT&T banked on a strategy of making customers the star. The communications network chose commercials that featured young Hispanic customers speaking Spanglish. DISH created DISHLatino, an entertainment package of English and Spanish-language programming. It advertises the program on a Spanish-language website. Yet DISH promotes the product to bicultural and bilingual households.

Working with a professional in transcreation services and localization services allows you to figure out what type of campaign will work for your audience. Language services are essential to determine what elements of your campaign translate well. Also, language services assist you to communicate with your customers and industry partners. Think of being able to incorporate customer feedback in multiple languages, respond quickly to customers from various backgrounds, and communicate with industry partners across Latin America and the United States. The reward for attracting and retaining Mexican-American customers is not only profit but also trust and loyalty. Discover what language services can do for you by learning more about transcreation and localization.

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