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Mobile and Video Game Localization

We translate video game scripts, localize game UI and provide multilingual voice acting services in over 150 languages. We also test localized games in a complete range of platforms whether mobile, online or console-based. Video game localization (gameloc) examines communication symbols, language phrases, as well as any cultural sensitivities toward violence level.

Stay Competitive with Game Localization

A simultaneous release to market is of critical importance in the international gaming business. This happens when all languages of the game are released to the market at the same time as the source language is released. Although difficult to pull off, this form of release is often preferred by game manufacturers. To further substantiate the simultaneous release approach, market competition for video games is intense, and the sales of an average game will slow down after a few months. For this reason, it is a huge advantage to saturate multiple markets all at once and give the game as much exposure as possible.  This is why proper video game localization for desired markets is done well the first time.

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