Mobile App Localization

Keep Up with the Growing Mobile App Trends

The mobile app market is growing rapidly all over the world; research from early 2015 shows that there are now over 3.6 billion mobile users worldwide. For this reason, mobile app localization is valuable to those who want to ensure language or culture do not limit their global reach. If you are a developer planning to launch your app in new markets, you first have to localize your application to adapt to the language and tone of that target audience. It’s especially important to achieve a natural and desirable app user experience for each specific cultural context. End users value a localized app in their native language and with their own culture in mind.

App Translation and Localization

At Dynamic we will ensure that not only your app UI is translated, localized and tested for any platform; we will also help with user support content, marketing and more. Here are some of the services involved with mobile app translation and localization:

  • Design a UI that handles foreign character sets
  • Anticipate the display and keyboard challenges of devices built for foreign markets
  • Provide a positive purchasing experience for your buyers in their own languages
  • Culture-dependent meanings of icons and underlying connotations of color schemes
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Locale-dependent variations, such as date formats (dd-mm-yyyy vs. mm-dd-yyyy), calendar systems
Did You Know?
  • By translating your app into 12 languages, you will reach 80% of the world population.
  • 90% of mobile device activity now occurs within apps.
  • By 2020, global gross revenue from all app stores will exceed $101 billion.

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