Machine Translation

Ultra-fast translation for high volumes and tight deadlines

If you have material that needs accurate translation for large audiences, please see our main translation page. Thank You!

When you have a lot of material that needs translating fast, at low cost, machine translation (MT) is sometimes the best approach. We don’t suggest MT as a part of our normal translation process, but it can be highly effective when you have a lot of material and accuracy isn’t the main priority. So if you only need a basic understanding of your source material, then machine translation could be the best choice for you.

Machine translation may be enough

Certain types of content may not need any more than machine translation:

  • Product documentation
  • Internal communication
  • Competitive research
  • Legal content: eDiscovery, case research
  • Social media translation

If you have large volumes of the above, or similar content, and accurate translation isn’t essential, machine translation may be enough for your needs.

Your content stays confidential

There are countless free translation tools and apps available online that may get the job done, provided you don’t mind sharing your content with the world. Our MT services guarantee you 100% confidentiality, using statistical and rule-based technology, so you can trust us with the most sensitive of information.

You control the quality

While our basic MT service provides you with a direct translation, which should give you a general idea of the original content, we always recommend an extra round of editing before presenting or publishing the final piece. In fact, you can almost choose the level of quality you want from our machine translations and leave it to our editors to make up the difference. We provide post-MT editing for the most important parts of your translated documents to achieve the highest possible quality for machine translation.

Need a customized MT system?

Do you have customers all over the world and need to communicate with them quickly and cost-effectively on a regular basis? We can set you up with a customized process to securely integrate MT into your team’s routine. Once we know your requirement we can create a solution to meet the individual needs of your business.

Unsure if machine translation is right for your project?

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