Conference Interpreting Services

Are you hoping to communicate with clients from other global regions at your event?

By using conference interpreting services, your business can function in today’s global marketplace and start accessing additional markets anywhere in the world. Dynamic Language specializes in conference interpreter services for your business and event needs. Our professional interpreters have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you are getting the highest level of quality and efficiency for your customers who require such services. By using simultaneous interpreter services, you increase your ability to:

  • Host conferences for potential business partners and clients from all over the world
  • Conduct training for customers, employees, and business partners
  • Show cultural respect by communicating in their language
  • Provide clear, concise mode of communication
  • Provide real-time interpreting with specialized linguistic experts

How Does it Work?

The first step in scheduling a conference interpreter is to speak with one of our account managers. They will be able to assist you in planning your event and help ensure you are getting an interpreter who will have the skills, experience, and knowledge of your industry and specific conference subject matter. Next, the account manager will assess the event setup, to determine if and what type of interpreting equipment you will need to facilitate communications. They will also help to anticipate any problems that could arise. Such as suggesting changes that may need to be made in order to accommodate the interpreter services. Once all parameters have been identified. The account manager will work with appropriate team members to select the best possible interpreters for your conference needs. Currently, we offer professionally trained, certified, credentialed conference interpreters in the most frequently requested languages of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean, however, we can provide interpreters in over 25 spoken languages as well as for American Sign Language (ASL). Additionally, we are lucky to work with a talented pool of linguists right here in the Pacific Northwest. These resources are advantageous in reducing your costs by eliminating travel expenditures.

What is the Difference Between Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting?

Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, usually for larger conferences or trade shows and utilize professional equipment provided by Dynamic Language. While consecutive interpreters usually facilitate small meetings or forums. From beginning to end both types of interpreters are committed to making sure your event goes off without any language obstacles standing in your way. 

Conference Interpreting Equipment

Dynamic provides special interpreting equipment that will fit your exact conference interpreting needs. The following are the most common equipment types:
  • Wireless receivers and headphones (for audience members)
  • Portable, wireless transmitters (for the interpreters)
  • Partially-enclosed tabletop booth (provides some soundproofing)
  • Fully-enclosed glass booth (provides full soundproofing)
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