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Pharmacies agree to translate drug instructions

  • April 26, 2022
  • by Dynamic Language

In New York, two major pharmacy changes have agreed to translate prescription drug instructions into the primary minority languages spoken by their customers. In our increasingly diverse society, the translation… read more

Health Care Reform: Removing Language Barriers

  • January 5, 2022
  • by Emanuel Longo

On June 6th, President Obama’s political organization, Organizing for America, will kick off the new health care reform campaign. Among the various topics of discussion is the issue of improving… read more

Overcoming Communication Barriers with Non-English Patients

  • December 26, 2018
  • by Dynamic Language

Over the past 15 years, the number of ESL/no English patients that doctors have been seeing has increased exponentially. With this in mind, here is a list of best practices… read more

The Dangers of Not Using Qualified Medical Interpreters and Translators

  • December 26, 2017
  • by Dynamic Language

Not being able to speak in the same language as the people around you makes navigating through daily life complicated, but it’s more than a nuisance when you’re not well. Not being… read more

Professional Interpreters Can Help Reduce Hospital Costs – Avoid Errors

  • August 25, 2016
  • by Dynamic Language

A 9-year old Vietnamese girl suffering from an infection was rushed to the hospital by her parents and 16-year old brother. Her parents spoke primarily Vietnamese. The hospital failed to… read more

Professional Interpreters: The Key to Managing Potential Medical Mishaps

  • February 21, 2016
  • by Dynamic Language

The population of the U.S. has become increasingly diverse. Approximately 57 million people in America speak a language other than English at home. That figure represents 20 percent of the… read more

Care Required: Complexities Related to Technical Translation of Safety Information for Medical Devices

  • February 17, 2016
  • by Dynamic Language

Translation of medical device packaging and instructions can be a life or death situation.   As we enter 2016, the United States remains the largest medical device market in the… read more

What the NCIHC Says About Healthcare Professionals & Interpreter Services

  • February 11, 2016
  • by Dynamic Language

Experts in healthcare interpretation services have found that qualified interpreters can improve the care for limited English proficiency patients.   The National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare is an organization dedicated to… read more

Professional Interpreter Services in Life and Death Situations: Leave No Room for Error

  • January 20, 2016
  • by Dynamic Language

In emergency situations, interpreting errors can create life-or-death situations. When non-English speaking patients require urgent care, there is a limited amount of time to find someone who can interpret for… read more

Mistranslation in the Medical Device Industry Leads to Lawsuits

  • August 7, 2014
  • by Dynamic Language

Litigation happens. It’s a simple truth when doing business, that no matter how tight and orderly your company’s processes are, mistakes happen, and litigation can happen as well.