Chris Lonsdale Ted Talk: How to Learn Any Language in 6 Months

The below video features Chris Lonsdale, creator of Kungfu English and author of The Third Ear, explaining how anyone can learn and become fluent in a second language within six months.


Unfortunately, Lonsdale doesn’t detail what he means by “fluency,” as the definition often differs to each language learner. Based on the 14-minute mark of the video, it’s likely he’s referring to the ability to comfortably engage in every-day conversation, as he states: “In English, 1,000 words covers 85% of anything you’re ever going to say in daily communication. Three thousand words gives you 98%… You’ve got 3,000 words, you’re speaking the language…”

We highly recommend you watch the full video; whether you believe it’s possible to learn a new language in six months or not, Lonsdale offers sound studying advice. Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Dynamic wants to know: how quickly have you become fluent in a language? What language learning trick helped you the most?



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