Sandy Dupleich Joins the KCSARC Board of Directors

Recently Sandy Dupleich, our Executive Vice President, was asked to join the Board of Directors for the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. KCSARC is a very reputableSandy Dupleich, well established nonprofit in the Seattle area, and it is a great honor for Sandy to be welcomed into the group!

Sandy’s new position gives us the opportunity for greater involvement between Dynamic Language and KCSARC.

The National Center of Victims of Crime estimates that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of child sexual abuse. Sadly, about 75% of these children were assaulted by people they knew, most often family members or trusted friends. KCSARC’s mission is “to give voice to victims…create change in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about violence; and instill courage for people to speak out.”

Sandy first became involved with KCSARC about ten years ago. “I was at a point in my career where I felt that just coming to work and doing my job wasn’t enough,” Sandy said.

After coming across a volunteer request for KCSARC’s annual fundraising breakfast, Sandy seized the opportunity. She immediately offered her help, recognizing the importance of KCSARC’s work, saying, “They provide a very, very important link between kids, teens, and adults who have suffered from sexual abuse.”

She continued to volunteer her time, even involving Dynamic Language, “I think it’s so important for our company to maintain a strong connection with KCSARC, so that we can help communities that KCSARC might be unable to reach otherwise,” said Sandy.

One such opportunity occurred when Dynamic Language assisted in the “Dando Voz” campaign. “Dando Voz,” or “To give voice” in Spanish, was a campaign based around KCSARC’s tagline “End the silence.” The campaign encourages victims to speak up about their abuse, especially those in our diverse community who feel pressured to stay silent.

“In many cultures, women don’t have much status, and the children have even less,” Sandy explained. “So for a child to come forward and name the accuser that is a family member or a trusted friend of the family, most often they are not believed. Nobody ever hears about it, and certainly nobody is ever brought to justice.”

Now that Sandy is on the Board of Directors, her goal is to bring even more awareness to the organization, while also using her skills where they are most needed

“For me, this is just a huge honor, and I’m very grateful to have been nominated. I’ll do my best to be an active and productive board member,” Sandy promised.