How to make your clients more comfortable working with you


You may not be an expert in your field, but your clients will treat you like one. Reassure them by using positive language and being up to date on everything in your industry.

Use positive language.

Stay away from passive verbs, such as “should”, “may” and “could”. Don’t tell your client that you think it may cost about $100. As the company representative, work toward giving your clients direct answers to their questions, staying away from “maybe” language.

Additionally, proofread your emails before sending them. A study reported on by the BBC shows that spelling errors deter people from doing business online—a single spelling mistake can reduce online sales by half.

Educate yourself.

It may sound simple, but I’ve seen this overlooked often. Instead of learning just the basics to get you through the day-to-day, consider how you can further educate yourself about issues affecting your company and industry.

Stay updated on current events to know how systems might change in your industry. Impress your clients by being ahead of the curve. But mostly, know where to go if questions arise. Whether it’s a company bulletin board, an online forum or a trusted colleague, figure out where to go if a client asks you a question you can’t automatically answer.

Ask “why”.

You might know what steps to follow with your clients on a daily basis, but do you know why these processes are in place? If you know more about the behind-the-scenes and the reason behind your processes, you’ll be better able to educate your client. More open communication should lead to projects that run more smoothly.

Give in to your curiosity! Ask “why” and “how” often. If you feel confident in what you are talking about, you make it easier for your clients to have confidence in you.