Starbucks introduces Braille gift card

Starbucks Braille gift card

Starbucks has raised the bar — and the Braille dots — to benefit its clientele. With the arrival of National Disability Awareness Month (October), the Seattle-born coffee company has unveiled its new fall gift card that features the company’s name in Braille across the top.

This new card will make it easier for Starbucks’ visually impaired customers to find the card in their wallets, without having to make a Braille sticker for the card or remembering which slot they placed it in.

From a business perspective, it was a great strategic move by Starbucks!

What can an established company do apart from opening more stores and offering new retail items? It looks like Starbucks’ answer is “Finding a way to better assist existing and potential customers”.

Good for you, Starbucks! And happy National Coffee Day!

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