SKCHS honors Dynamic with 2011 Human Services Award

SKCHS honors Dynamic with 2011 Human Services AwardLanguage Services is an interesting and rewarding field. Despite the fact that every translation project and interpreting appointment follow the same basic steps, the work is continuously changing. You might work on clothing labels one day, medical appointments the next and community social awareness posters the day after that. Throughout, however, we work hard to find ways to stay engaged with our local community and to give back and contribute whenever we can.

We’ve been happy to work with the King County Sexual Awareness Resource Center in their efforts to reach out to the local Spanish-speaking community. Translations for their special Dando Voz program were done as a pro bono service.

We at Dynamic Language are happy and proud to be chosen as recipient of the 2011 Human Services Award, an award presented by the South King Council of Human Services, that recognizes a business “for their contributions to building socially cohesive and equitable services in South King County.”

SKCHS is a local group that has worked for more than 25 years to give the residents of South King County equal access to services, such as housing and health care. South Seattle/King County is such a great multicultural region, but it has suffered from racism and poverty, a trend that SKCHS is fighting strongly against.

Previous recipients of the Human Services Award have been Synergy Construction, The Boeing Company, Comcast, and Cardinal Health to name a few.

We’re honored to have been nominated for the Human Services Award and we are grateful that SKCHS continues to support the community that we work in every day!