Avoid disappointment: The key to successful projects

Avoid disappointmentYou know what the final product should look like. They know what the final product should look like. So why are some people left unsatisfied when the final stage of a project rolls around?

Most of the time, it’s clear why we’re left unsatisfied. We expect the moon and the stars, but we don’t make that clear from the get-go, leaving us feeling ripped off in the end. But could that be avoided by discussing everything up front?

Whether you’re purchasing custom-made furniture, translation services or a haircut, you never have to be disappointed again! Let’s look at the haircut example; you can apply the following tips to any other project you encounter.

Get the expert’s advice

The hairstylist knows the latest hairstyles, how to cut hair to add volume, and what colors will bring out your skin tone. So sit down and discuss the possibilities before the scissors are even picked up.

Speak up

Don’t be afraid to say what you expect from your hairstyle. Should it be curled, short or colored? If you have any special requests, speak up! Don’t wait until the metaphorical hair is dried and styled…

Ask the “stupid” questions

As the saying goes, “there are no stupid questions”. The expert’s job is to answer your questions and ease your doubts. So if you leave the conversation feeling better educated and less worried, then it’s safe to say none of your questions were “stupid”.

The next time you begin a project or seek out services, remember that the coordinator or project manager is there to help you. Share your expectations of the final product so there are no surprises. A simple five-minute conversation at the start of a project can greatly reduce disappointment at the end of it!

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