Dynamic Language expands Employee Wellness Program

Emanuel Longo | March 24, 2011

Employee Wellness
Dynamic has taken another step toward improving the health and morale of employees. We won’t be giving up our monthly birthday cake any time soon, but our new “Wellness Program” will help us keep people healthier and happier!

What exactly is the Dynamic Language Employee Wellness Program?

Aside from standard office environment fare in our kitchen/break room, such as coffee and ozonated filtered water, Dynamic also provides healthy snacks such as yogurt, string cheese, oatmeal and fresh fruit. Also, Dynamic has just entered into an agreement with LA Fitness, allowing all staff members and their family members, plus clients and contractors, to obtain gym memberships on a discounted monthly basis, with no initiation fee. If you’re interested in learning more about this discount for clients and contractors, contact us today!

Management believes that “happy employees mean happy customers”. And staying healthy through diet and exercise is a proven way of increasing well-being and happiness.

To all employers out there: when looking to improve customer service, why not improve the work environment and morale of your employees by keeping everyone healthy? As someone who is benefiting from the Dynamic Wellness Program, I highly recommend it!



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