37signals features Dynamic Language on Product Blog

We take quality very seriously here at Dynamic, and we also place a high premium on communication, tracking and responsiveness. Unless a client opts out of any steps, our translation projects follow a strict checklist:

□ Analysis
□ Translation
□ Content Verification
□ Independent Review
□ Graphic Design
□ Quality Assurance
□ TM Validation/TM Consolidation

To-do items can multiply rapidly, so we had to find a way for everyone to stay on the same page. We use 37signals’ Basecamp as our online project management solution, to keep project managers, designers, proofreaders and clients on track. Because of the way in which we use this tool, we were featured on the 37signals Product Blog!

If you’re interested in finding out how our staff specifically uses this tool to function more efficiently, click on the link to our feature on the 37signals Product Blog.

Thanks for reading!