Wordfast now supports iPhone, other mobile devices

WordfastA couple of months ago, I told you about Wordfast Anywhere on the iPad, which allows anyone with a web browser to translate text and form Translation Memories, for free! Well, it’s now safe to say Wordfast has been busy lately; they recently announced the launch of a Wordfast app for the iPhone. Don’t have an iPhone? You can use Wordfast on your smartphone by going to freetm.com!

The app’s most impressive feature is its ability to translate text straight from images (as shown on the right). Simply take a photo of a sign or a menu item and wait for the Wordfast app to translate the text into a language you can understand.

This would be the perfect accessory for your next international vacation, or a fun activity at your local international market!

Also available is a “manual input” feature, which allows you to manually enter short sentences into your mobile device for translation.

Wordfast’s image translation supports 32 languages, ranging from Afrikaans to Turkish, while manual input translation supports 48 languages, including Arabic and Chinese. Find out more about Wordfast here.