Is Globish the new language of commerce?

GlobishOne sixth of the world’s population speaks Mandarin Chinese. That’s twice as many people as there are English speakers.

But you won’t soon have to worry about Chinese becoming the language of commerce. English is so well established in the business world that people of all cultures have learned variations of it to communicate with their colleagues. One of these variations even has its own name and functions as its own language.
This language, which uses up to 1,500 English words, is a type of English used around the globe. It’s called “Globish” and it has a site dedicated to teaching people how to speak it.
Here is a way you can use it: If you’re sending English documents or planning an English speech for an international market, inquire about the level of English used in each country. If Globish is used to communicate, consider editing your text to be understood by everyone.
People can learn Globish here. Find out how CEOs in Japan use Globish to better communicate with colleagues and other businesses.