Apple introduces Cherokee keyboard, wireless printing

CherokeeApple’s iPhone and iPod are now equipped with the Cherokee language, a native tongue spoken in parts of Oklahoma and North Carolina. The updated iOS operating system features a new Cherokee keyboard, which allows Cherokee speakers to send e-mails and texts from their handheld devices.

As shown above, Cherokee employs a syllabary instead of an alphabet—each symbol represents a syllable.

Cherokee is the first native language to be included in Apple’s collection. At last count (in the 2000 census), there were less than 17,000 speakers in the United States.

Full story: Cherokee Language Added to New iPhone and iPod Software

Another addition to i-products will debut in November with Apple’s iOS 4.2 update. AirPrint wireless printing will be available on the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod. The feature will allow users to instantly print photos and documents to a printer of their choice, without the use of a special app.

Apple was in the forefront of innovation for the past decade, having redefined music players and cell phones! What will they think of next?

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