Dynamic Language president foresees future growth

Emanuel Longo | September 2, 2010

Few would expect family-owned businesses to thrive in this weak economy, but Dynamic Language continues to prove everybody wrong. The award-winning provider of translation and interpretation services was recently named to Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies for the third consecutive year.

The Seattle-based company, founded in 1985 by husband and wife team Ricardo and Maria Antezana, was given position 3,719 on the 2010 list, a leap from its 2008 ranking of 4,927.

“I feel extremely proud of the growth our team has been able to generate over the last few years,” said Maria Antezana, president of Dynamic Language. “For a 25-year-old company to maintain sustained growth in a poor economy and to make the list for three straight years, it has been extremely gratifying.”

Dynamic Language specializes in translation, interpretation and localization of an array of content, including print, software, audio, video and web material. The wide range of services offered by the modestly sized company have led to greater name recognition and increased business.

Companies around the world continue to find translation an important aspect of market and revenue growth. Therefore, when it comes to translating contracts, proposals, correspondence and websites, Dynamic Language works hard to exceed client expectations.

Helping lead the day-to-day operations at Dynamic Language are the Antezana’s next generation, brother and sister Rick and Sandy, who both hold the title of Vice President. The family operation, which has seen 42 percent growth since 2006, continues to field projects from a variety of industries and will be one to watch in coming years.

“We’ve never tried to be the largest company in our field, but that said, I do see potential for further controlled and steady growth in 2010 and onward,” Antezana said. “However, our main focus will always be on putting forth our very best effort for our existing customers, and if that strategy leads to a greater market share, we welcome the challenge!”

Click on the following link to view Dynamic Language’s profile at Inc. Magazine.


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