Google Improves Language Tools

Google continues to make headway in breaking down language barriers.

They have recently added five new languages to Google Transliteration, a service enabling you to phonetically convert Roman characters into a variety of scripts. These new additions bring Google’s translatable language total up to 22. The newest additions to Google Transliteration are: Amharic, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Oriya and Sinhalese.

Not only has Google expanded its language offerings, it has taken a big step and launched the transliteration based “Input Method Editor” (IME). This is intended for offline use since you can’t access Google Transliteration unless you are on-line. The IME allows users to type in a word in Roman characters and it will be translated and displayed in the word’s native script. You can download IME for free and start converting Roman characters into your native script.

Google also updated IME with canonical schemes, macros, and added five more languages: Amharic, Russian, Sanskrit, Serbian and Tigrinya.

One more addition generating some excitement around Google is their new tool, Script Converter – “converts a given web page or piece of text from one script to another so that you can read it phonetically.” It currently supports 17 languages.

Read more about these new and improved tools on the Google Blog and let us know what you think!


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