Study says: Uncertified Court Interpreters Lead to Unjust Outcomes

UWS Interpreting and Translation Research Group of Australia conducted a study on the influence court interpreters have and how creditable their testimonies are.

Their results showed that without training and certification, court interpreters have been prone to make mistakes leading to unjust outcomes. “When the testimony of a person who cannot speak English is required, the impression they make within the court is completely in the hands of their interpreter.”

“If even the smallest change is made to the person’s style or the content of their speech, the believability of their testimony could be affected,” says Associate Professor Hale.

It is human nature to assess others and their intelligence and competence based on how they communicate. Sometimes it is difficult for juries to keep that in mind as they judge the testimony of a witness or defendant based on the mannerisms and speech style of an interpreter.

Court Certified Interpreters ensure unbiased mannerisms and speech. They understand the environment and adapt quickly and easily to courtroom settings. Certified Interpreters are also used to sitting on a stand and being watched- keeping in mind they are speaking on behalf of another person.

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