Efficacy of Netflix as a Language Learning Tool

One of the myriad reasons for people to learn foreign languages is that it leads to an enhanced understanding of other cultures and their perspectives. This, in turn, fosters friendship and trust that transcends other differences. However, fewer students in English-speaking countries are learning a second language and only 7 percent of college students across the United States are […]

The Three C’s of Netflix Global Expansion Strategy

Global ambitions have taken the content streaming giant, Netflix far from its California roots into markets across Europe, Latin America and Asia. In early 2016, streaming giant Netflix, Inc. announced that it had rolled out its service to 190 countries around the world. In June, 2016 Netflix international subscriber growth wasn’t performing as forecasted. The company had faced major […]


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Ten Companies Improved ROI By Localizing Content

Today, 50 percent of customers who initiate a mobile search will visit a store within 24 hours. Google even displays three-pack local search results for 93 percent of their queries. With these numbers in mind, companies that want to succeed online today need to localize their content.  To learn more about why content localization is so critical to […]