Efficacy of Netflix as a Language Learning Tool

One of the myriad reasons for people to learn foreign languages is that it leads to an enhanced understanding of other cultures and their perspectives. This, in turn, fosters friendship and trust that transcends other differences. However, fewer students in English-speaking countries are learning a second language and only 7 percent of college students across the United States are […]

HiNative Language Learning App Connects you with Native Speakers

 Language Learning Goes Mobile One of the inevitable challenges of learning a new language or honing your language fluency skills is not having the “intuition” that comes naturally to native speakers. Most of us have had the frustrating experience of trying to find the meanings of words by plugging text into machine-translation services or searching in […]

Language Learning with WeSpeke

In May, Adweek posted an article about language learning that we absolutely loved! We recommend you read the full article, but here’s a quick summary: a school in Brazil connected young teens who wanted to practice English with elderly Americans in retirement homes looking for a little companionship. Below is a video featuring some of […]

Another occupation encourages language-learning

Some careers need people to know more than one language–translators and interpreters for example. But most companies don’t require it; knowledge of a second or third language is simply a small advantage in the workforce.

Companies invest in Livemocha language-learning

Your company asks you to be proficient in a foreign language…what do you do? For Rakuten employees in Japan, the answer is “learn the language”. As a result of opening offices in the U.S., Rakuten decided to change its language of business to English, a language all its employees must now learn within two years.

xLingo Language Exchange is an online website that offers FREE tutorial practice for those seeking the thrill of learning a new language!

Sign-up for Free and have access to tons of language resources. All you have to do is click on the language you want and xLingo Language Exchange connects you to members available for tutoring. Video and Audio chat rooms are created to help you practice and because xLingo Language Exchange enables Skype set-up, you and […]

The importance of Translation and eLearning

The importance of Translation and eLearning when combined together for global training can often be overlooked or underestimated. Simple ignorance can often be the cause, but the value generated in support of global companies can truly be massive. With the possibilities achieved nowadays, a company can produce training or educational content in a very cost […]

Easiest Foreign Language for English Speakers to Learn

It is no surprise that some languages are easier to learn than others — just ask any high school student who chose to learn Spanish over Arabic, or French over Mandarin Chinese. But, how much easier are Spanish and French relative to Arabic and Mandarin? And why is there a difference in the first place? […]


Ready-To-Use eLearning In Any Language As your company’s quest for information expands, the higher flexibility eLearning becomes more attractive. Our eLearning translation services transform yourcourses into multilingual tools for everyone who needs access to your materials.  A major benefit of eLearning technologies and content is the flexibility and convenience. Employees or students can use online systems […]

Sign Language Interpreting

Qualified Interpreters to Meet Your Sign Language Needs For over 30 years, companies have relied on Dynamic Language for Sign Language interpreting such as American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter services for their deaf and hard-of-hearing employees, patients, and citizens. Because hearing impairments come in many forms and individuals have different learning opportunities, our sign language interpreters […]