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The rise of mobile applications and the cloud gives everyone access to your software – which means you need to be equally accessible to everyone. When the whole world is only one click away from downloading your products, you don’t want to add unnecessary barriers. Here at Dynamic, we have a specialist team of software localization experts who can adapt your content for different linguistic, cultural and technical markets around the world. Software localization moves beyond translation to fine-tune everything – from content to user interface, help files and extensive testing of your software and applications for every platform – to make it more relevant and user-friendly to audiences everywhere. We combine translation for more than 150 languages with cultural consulting, so your applications can be truly native to each market, no matter who they are.

Make Sure Your Software Runs Smoothly

To ensure your software runs smoothly and is well received by your customers, we offer thorough testing and quality assurance process. This process will ensure that coding, help files, UI and all supporting documentation remain intact and functional. Localization of software is adapting software for use in various languages and locales. Localization involves more than just translation of User Interface (UI) and documentation. The software may need to be adapted for dealing with:

  • Local APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), operating systems, search engines, or even currency and accounting standards
  • Double-byte characters used in Asian languages, such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • Right-to-left writing systems of Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi
  • Culture-dependent meanings of icons and underlying connotations of color schemes
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Enabling various input methods
  • Locale-dependent variations, such as date formats (dd-mm-yyyy vs. mm-dd-yyyy), calendar systems (e.g., Japanese use an Imperial Calendar, Muslim and Hebrew calendars are based on lunar months), currency, address formats, etc.
Our localization experts will prepare your company for global markets through every stage of development.

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