Adapt Your Software Around the World

Target global markets with your application

The rise of mobile applications and the cloud gives everyone access to your software – which means you need to be equally accessible to everyone. When the whole world is only one click away from downloading your products, you don’t want to add unnecessary barriers. Here at Dynamic, we have a specialist team of software localization experts who can adapt your content for different linguistic, cultural and technical markets around the world.

Software localization moves beyond translation to fine-tune everything – from content to user interface, help files and extensive testing of your software and applications for every platform – to make it more relevant and user-friendly to audiences everywhere. We combine translation for more than 150 languages with cultural consulting so your applications can be truly native to each market, no matter who they are.

We help you make the complex simple

In the same way that you strive to create a simple user experience for your customers – no matter how complex your software may be – we excel at making localization a simple process for you. We have a dedicated Web Portal so you can track the progress of your project, every step of the way, and we’re always here to guide you through each stage.

Difference in the detail

For consistent terminology throughout your project, we support all major localization CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and file formats (TMX, XLIFF, etc.), including but not limited to Alchemy Catalyst, MemoQ, MemSource SDL/Trados, and more. And of course, to ensure your software runs smoothly and is well received by your customers, we offer a thorough testing and quality assurance process. This process will ensure that the code, help files, UI and all supporting documentation remain intact and functional.

Need to localize your digital brand?