eLearning Translation & LocalizationThanks to Dynamic Language’s seamless eLearning language translation services, adapting your training and eLearning materials for global markets has never been easier. We combine highly experienced linguists and cultural consultants with industry-favored technology to transform educational content into 150+ languages and ensure it aligns with foreign audiences regardless of their language or culture. The result is market-ready, accurate, and engaging eLearning materials that support your global expansion efforts into new markets.

Ready-To-Use eLearning In Any Language

Your eLearning content is only as successful as it is accessible. We’ve spent years refining our eLearning translation services to ensure your content is quickly and seamlessly translated with high accuracy and localized for new language markets. The results provide flexible and convenient eLearning access so that employees or students can use online systems to learn and train anytime, anywhere. We make it easy and affordable to optimize your eLearning content into ready-to-use materials that support your global expansion efforts.

Compete at a Global Scale With eLearning

High-quality, multilingual eLearning content is critical to successful global expansion, as it provides companies with a seamless and flexible solution for training their staff, contractors, and other stakeholders. Dynamic Language’s advanced eLearning translation services deliver transformed educational materials that are not only linguistically accurate and culturally consistent but also on-brand and ready to support worldwide expansion efforts.

Comprehensive eLearning Localization Services

We have built a highly specialized protocol for localizing eLearning content over the years to guarantee accurate and consistent results. The process begins with translation and ends when we make your entire course fluent in both the language and culture of your target audience by ensuring:

  • Every element of your course is translated, from basic text to full multimedia environments, using database-driven testing.
  • Our localization experts – including  subject-matter-expert translators, localization engineers, voice talent and presenters – turn your dialog into engaging learning material in your preferred languages.
  • We address the cultural relevance of language and visuals in your course to ensure everything meets your audience’s expectations.
  • Our design team tweaks visual elements and graphic features affected by the translation to align with the new linguistic format.

Our advanced system translates and localizes any digital or printed documentation, plus any associated material, using the industry-standard software of your choice, like Storyline, Articulate, Lectora, and more. All we need to begin the process is your complete source version n of the materials so that we can reconstruct it into a ready-to-run format in the language of your choice. Get to know our translation and eLearning localization services and how we’ve helped clients just like you in this case study. Ready to get started? Request a quote today.

eLearning Video Content Translation

Does your educational video need voice narration or subtitles to support successful foreign market expansion? Our voice-over, narration, and subtitle services provide a straightforward solution for adapting content across language barriers. We’ve helped countless companies across various industries adapt their videos to reach a wider audience with these professional services. Take a look at our voiceover/narration or subtitle services to learn how Dynamic’s team can efficiently translate your eLearning video into any language and provide a serious competitive edge when expansion is the goal.

Optimize Your eLearning Content Today

Dynamic Language’s advanced translation and eLearning localization services transform your content into market-ready and globally scalable materials. Check out our eLearning Client Case Study to see how it works and how eLearning language translation can benefit your global goals. Curious what else we can do to expand education and learning across borders? Visit our Education page.

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