eLearning Language Services

Ready-To-Use eLearning In Any Language

As your company's quest for information expands, the higher flexibility eLearning becomes more attractive. Because of the ubiquitous nature of technology, employees can access online systems to retrieve information at their own pace and from locations outside the office or institution.    Our eLearning language services transform your courses into multilingual tools for everyone who needs access to your materials. With easy accessibility to eLearning technologies and content comes this major benefit of flexibility anytime and anywhere. 

Compete at a Global Scale With eLearning

High-quality, multilingual eLearning content is more likely now than ever to be the solution in order for a business to not only compete but succeed on a global scale when it comes to training their staff, contractors, and other stakeholders.   

Comprehensive eLearning Localization

We have built our own specialized protocol for localizing eLearning content over the years. This starts with translation and ends when we make your entire course fluent in both the language and culture of your target audience: 

  • Every element of your course is translated, from basic text to full multimedia environments, using database-driven testing 
  • Our  localization experts – including  voice talent and presenters – turn your dialog into engaging learning material in the necessary languages 
  • Then we address the cultural relevance of language and visuals in your course to ensure everything meets the expectations of your audience 
  • Meanwhile, our design team tweaks other visual elements where the translation process has changed the number of words on graphic features 
We use this protocol to translate and localize any digital or printed documentation, plus any associated material, using the industry-standard software of your choice such as Storyline, Articulate, Lectora, and many more. All we need from you is the complete source version and we reconstruct it in a ready-to-run format, in the language of your choice. 

Need Video Content Translated?

Take a look at our  voiceover/narration or subtitle services  to see how we can translate your video eLearning material into any language.  Interested in eLearning Localization? Check out our  eLearning Client Case Study  to see if it is a fit for you.  Or to see what else we can do for education and learning, take a look at our  education  page.