Why it is Important to Provide Content to the Interpreting Team in Advance


Interpreter services are not the first thing most people think of when considering what goes into a conference or seminar, but if they are not secured properly, it can cause some serious issues. Imagine an entire segment of guests or audience members who cannot understand what is happening at your event; the impact on their experience at your event would be disastrous.

For this reason, it is critical to prepare your interpreters as extensively as possible so they know what to expect, allowing them to do their best possible work. Let’s explore a few critical reasons why you should be providing your conference content to the interpreting team at your conference well in advance.

Allows Interpreters to Better Understand Your Format

Even if an interpreter has a good grasp of a language and relevant dialects, it is still important they know how these languages will be used at your conference or seminar. By giving them important materials like scripts or event notes in advance, you will help them get acquainted to the tone and style of your speakers, allowing them to do a better job of interpreting.

Interpreters Can Help Identify Errors or Setbacks

There might be a few things that your speakers say at the conference that cannot be easily carried over to the language that interpreted into. If this is the case, providing content to the interpreting team in advance allows them to identify these problems and come up with a way to handle them so that it doesn’t cause a mistake or error during the actual event. Knowing about potential problems in advance will help your interpreters provide a smoother, localized experience for listeners and guests.

Helps Interpreters Learn the Event Timing

Timing is important for any conference, seminar or business event, especially if it is being held during a workday or in an area where time is limited. You do not want your interpreters to throw off event timing by not understanding when speakers will start and stop, or when the attention will shift from one speaker to another.

Providing content to the interpreting team in advance is also important if your event involves a ceremony or stage where people will be moving around. If your event will include movement, giving your interpreting team information about what will take place and how it will affect their interpreting is a very good idea.

Gives Interpreters More Confidence

Anyone thrown quickly into a professional situation without much preparation will fare worse than someone who has time to adequately learn about and prepare themselves for the situation. Interpreters who understand the material that they will be responsible for during a conference or seminar will be much more comfortable with it; as a result, they will feel better about their skills and will likely to do a better job.

No matter what type of event, conference or seminar you are hosting, if you are looking for interpreting services you must be sure to handle it properly. Give your interpreters plenty of time to get familiar with what they will be interpreting and you will find that the results of their work are much more pleasing to you.


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