What to Expect When Using Conference Interpreting Services


When you are planning a conference, seminar, or other type of company event that requires the use of interpreter services, it is important that you have a strong understanding of what to expect, especially if you have never before worked with interpreters. Conference interpreting services should be able to help guests of your event better understand the information you want to convey to them, which will ensure the event goes off without a hitch. Let’s review a few things to expect when working with quality conference interpreting services.

Skill in the Necessary Languages

Of course, you would expect a professional interpreter to have a good grasp of the language that they are interpreting, but the best conference interpreters do more than just interpret from one language to another. They are sensitive to cultural differences, dialects, and sentence structure problems that could cause confusion for people who are in attendance at the conference and are not familiar with the language being used. You should work with an interpreter who can fully localize your message, not just interpret the words directly into another language.

An Understanding of the Event

It is important that the professional interpreters you have hired understand the setup of the event or conference you are planning. They should have a good sense of how they will fit into the event, how long they will be required to interpret, and what the nature of the event is like, so that it is easier for them to accurately convey the messages that you need them to pass on to your audience. They should also be able to focus on the message they are interpreting, no matter what is happening around them; however, remember that it is not their job to make sure that they can hear the speech or message that they need to interpret. You need to provide them the tools and quality audio services they require to perform the job you have hired them to do.

The Ability to Adapt Quickly

Interpreters have to interpret speeches and presentations from all kinds of speakers: fast speakers, slow speakers, speakers with accents, and so on. The best conference interpreting services come from those interpreters with the ability to quickly adapt to these speech habits and then adjust their interpreting work based on them, so that the audience can understand what is going on at the conference.

A Strong Record of Success

No matter what type of event you are holding, it is important that you look for conference interpreting services from the kind of organization that has a long history of success. You should expect that your interpreters have successfully helped many previous clients get the kind of interpreting service they need. You can even reach out to these past clients before you make the decision to hire an interpreter to get their candid thoughts about the interpreter services they received.

Above all, you should expect that quality conference interpreting services can give you the ability to clearly and professionally localize a speaker’s words or presentations to your audience. The best interpreters will make it so that people from all backgrounds and cultures can understand your event, no matter what their native tongue.


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