3 Ways a Translation Agency Can Improve Your Global Marketing Efforts

images (14).jpgWe live in a multilingual world. It is now common for many sales transactions to occur across international borders. Considering the potential revenue to be had from reaching consumers in new global markets, it is vital that you are translating marketing content by a professional translation and localization company. By doing so, you will ensure that your marketing connects with the audience as intended, avoiding any cultural faux-pas.

Here are our top 3 ways a translation agency can improve your marketing efforts with global marketing:

1.  A gigantic number of consumers don’t speak English

It is important that you research and understand your ROI for translations. You may be wondering if the localization of marketing content is worthwhile, but consider this:


2.  Gain market share!

Your company might not focus on an international market yet, keeping most of the focus/efforts domestic, due to cost restraints. But are you and your clients aware that the right localization/globalization strategies can allow you to penetrate global markets with minimal efforts offering maximum ROI?


You can target new audiences, both international and domestic, by offering multi-lingual content. Gaining exposure is essential to any company and translation offers you ways to “repackage” your product/service to attract not only new clients but also establish new relationships.


If your dental office has a website that can be found using the word “Dentist”, imagine how many more hits it would generate if it also could be found using “Zahnarzt”, “Tandläkare”, “Dentista”, and “Dentiste”. Google and other search engines will start detecting the words that are associated with your website, boosting your rating, and therefore increasing your landing page traffic.


3.  What your Translation Agency can bring to the table!

You choose your words carefully when speaking to someone who might not comprehend the English language as well as you do, and this same principle is applied when localizing content for new global markets. Your linguist will carefully take time to understand the intent of your words, and will then choose words to convey the same meaning to the target audience, delivering content that is not only consistent with your source writing but also makes sense culturally in that region.

lee.jpgIn Iran, Jeans are referred to as “Lee Pants” after the Lee brand.



band-aid.jpgIn the U.S. an adhesive bandage is referred to as a “Band-aid”, after the Johnson & Johnson line of bandages.


nova2.jpgThe most commonly used example of a marketing blunder is the automaker Chevy releasing the “Nova” car for the Latin American market, where “Nova” means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish.

These are perfect examples of how language requires localization, to edit content to be more meaningful and appropriate for a particular culture, locale, or market.

Marketing agencies not only plan and develop your strategies but also audit the effectiveness in your target markets. You can develop intelligent, adaptive and global content, and Dynamic Language can help you translate, localize, and transcreate that resonates.

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