Tomorrow is Now

Dynamic Language is excited to let you know about the release of an enhancement to our service delivery suite, powered by our Translation Management System Wordbee Translation Technology.

Traditional Translation and Localization

Traditional translation workflows have typically been a very manual process. This is due to a number of variables with each project that require human intervention at every step. These variables include workflow selection, supplier selection, translation memory and glossary management and quality assurance at each step of the process. In addition there are supplementary steps such as file transfer and file preparation that can also slow down projects and increase cost.

New Technology: New Translation Workflows

While all of these steps are important, the ability to automate the entire process from beginning to end can lead to faster turnaround, lower cost and result in fewer errors. Wordbee allows us to consolidate 3 different tools into one, allowing clients to submit orders through a customized client portal, project managers to manage workflow and review quotes and linguists and reviewers to collaborate on the translation itself. By combining these elements into a single platform, we are able to integrate and offer new services to clients such as Neural Machine Translation and direct website integration. Clients can see progress reports in real time and access reporting features, management calendar and order history in a way never before possible.

When combined with editing by the expert translation professionals Dynamic’s team has cultivated over 35-years in the translation industry, this powerful new platform offers clients an end-to-end experience that saves time, cuts costs, and ensures a high-quality result.

Especially for high-volume projects, Dynamic’s unique setup allows groups of professional translators to collaborate within the same online environment, resulting in maximum efficiency and consistently high quality. Dynamic’s system also features a number of different Machine Translation engines, and their industry-leading Project Managers carefully select the correct engines based on language pair and subject. While Project Automation and Machine Translation might initially seem like daunting concepts, together they create a solid foundation for consistent, efficient translation projects.

With the right source material, and properly setup workflow, Project Automation often allows clients to benefit from reduced fees, without sacrificing quality, while simultaneously speeding up the process.

Dynamic’s Machine Translation engines can be custom crafted and draw from Translation Memory (TM) databases to store pre-translated segments consisting of everything from titles to lists to sentences to entire paragraphs. Having these segments saved in the TM helps Machine Translation output to be optimally accurate right out of the gate, allowing the content to remain consistent with previous translations and with brand preferences.


Allowing Dynamic’s clients the opportunity to work with their project manager to customize the translation process gives them the freedom to adapt their project needs with their budgets, thereby reducing pricing concerns for each specific project. Your project manager can walk you through each step of the process and help you design a project workflow that is on time, on budget and meets your quality expectations.

Once a client is set up with an automated workflow, files can be uploaded to the system for an immediate automated quote. Project managers can customize your client portal with a number of options for workflow selection including our new INSTANT PROJECT option which can push your project immediately into production after showing an instant quote. . For MT-only projects, the results can be downloaded in moments, with options to post edit the work either with Dynamic Language linguistic experts or your own in country reviewer.

For regular or ongoing services, Project Automation and Machine Translation increase the efficiency and productivity of the translation process in both the short and long term, which often allows translations to be completed faster and delivered earlier than projected, and at a lower cost.

Dynamic Language is eager to take this step into the future and offer our clients the same quality services they’ve come to expect in a way that’s more efficient and better tailored to their specific needs. Contact us today and let us help you optimize your experience of doing business in a multilingual world.


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