The Dynamic Difference: EN 15038 Quality Compliance

Not all language service providers are created equal. Some offer low prices as their selling point, while others focus on speedy delivery. However, while price and turnaround times may be easy to assess, quality is a little trickier.

With the majority of everyday goods and services that you pay for, you can easily tell the quality of the end product. But when you receive a document that can be quite literally Greek to you, how can you be sure that your language service provider has supplied a good translation?

EN 15038 compliance is one way for you to know that your provider offers quality translations, as it means they adhere to a strict set of quality standards unique to the translation industry. Dynamic Language is proudly committed to the EN 15038 standard, in addition to ISO 9001:2008.

What is EN 15038?

EN 15038 is a quality standard developed especially for translation providers. Created by the European Committee for Standardization, it defines a process to ensure consistent quality in translations, with multiple steps and roles. An EN 15038 provider works only with linguists who are professionally qualified to undertake work to the latest industry standards. Simply put, it means that all your projects will be handled consistently, translated by only the most appropriately qualified staff, and held to the highest quality standards.

How does EN 15038 benefit your translation projects?

When you do business with a compliant translation provider, you can rest assured knowing that that they are abiding by recognized specialist standards when working on your projects. In addition to peace of mind, EN 15038 compliance provides an additional, objective standard by which to judge translation, and allows you to understand what you can come to expect from a reputable translation provider.

Read more about the benefits of working with an EN 15038 compliant provider on our new Dynamic Difference page, and discover how we can exceed your quality expectations.


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