Happy Thanksgiving from Dynamic Language

cover.jpgIn today’s world, and particularly in our part of the United States, diversity is ever present and important, and especially so this upcoming holiday season. Although Thanksgiving customs may vary slightly with the menu depending on the home you visit, the message of togetherness and gratitude resonate with all.

Diversity and inclusion are attributes that help make your community a great place. The richness in community, the nostalgia of traditions and the appreciation for cultural diversity are all reasons to get out this holiday season and explore all that your local community has to offer.  

Take the time to catch up with people from older generations who remember traditions that you may not be aware of; talk to neighbors, shopkeepers and strangers. Attend folk festivals, educational programs, and multicultural events. Visit ethnic stores, restaurants, and museums. Sample the rich smorgasbord of foods, music, dance, literature and philosophy, which surround you. And, exactly as if you were traveling abroad, if you are sincerely interested and respectful, you will be welcomed and treated as an honored guest wherever you go.

This is a time to celebrate our differences and truly be grateful for our loved ones and those that welcome diversity with open arms. We here at Dynamic Language are so very grateful to our clients that come to us in order to communicate in this multilingual world we live in. Thank you for working with us.

The staff here at Dynamic Language have joined their collective minds and hearts to bring you this year’s holiday cookbook. There are a few recipes in there that are appropriate for Thanksgiving, so feel free to add them to your menu this Thursday.  And if you like any of them, perhaps they may end up becoming part of your Thanksgiving dinner traditions going forward. Happy Thanksgiving!  

Bon Appetit!





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