Language Services Backup Recovery 

Dynamic Language employs a backup recovery system in the form of routine data backups and an established disaster plan. This guarantees that your projects are tended to in the event of a natural disaster or computer failure.

We maintain data backups dating back more than 15 years (client records are kept indefinitely), using several methods of data backup:

  • Onsite data is archived on a daily basis to external hard drives, which are taken offsite in a four-week rotation
  • Our SQL server database is mirrored at an off-site location should our local server fail or sustain physical damage
  • Our email system is hosted by an off-site cloud-based provider with a record of 99.9% uptime
  • Additional business and organizational documents are stored on an online, cloud-based system

Dynamic Language has developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, implemented successfully on several occasions with little or no disruption to our clients. We maintain:

  • Enough computer, network and electrical components to re-assemble a functional network in a short time-frame
  • Key staff members, owners and management computers set up with remote access at home (some in other states) in the case that roads to our offices are impassable
  • Standing agreements with local rental providers to provide equipment and power in the worst of disasters