Purchasing Globally

Recently at Dynamic, we’ve been talking a lot about globalization. What’s involved? What are the best ways to do it? How can we help our clients globalize their businesses effectively? We wrote about it in our newsletter last month (you can see the article here, or check out our past newsletters here) and we’ve been brainstorming strategies and methods among ourselves.

As you might expect from a translation company, a lot of our conversations are about language related issues—making sure to use appropriate terminology for the target audience, providing relevant and location specific information for products marketed internationally, or the need for customer service support in the languages used for marketing. Since we do website localization, we’ve also talked about site structure, and ways to increase web presence on an international level.

Today I noticed a blog entry on Global Watchtower, the blog from Common Sense Advisory, a group who publishes research all about translation and the global market. They bring up an important issue involved in globalization, one that every company should consider when they start thinking about how to provide relevant information and services to their international customers, especially if they are selling in the virtual marketplace. Namely, payment methods. Will your customers be able to buy your products using accepted online payment methods in their location?

Sounds like an important issue, doesn’t it? I thought this blog article had a lot of useful facts and suggestions. You can read Can’t Pay, Won’t Buy: Why PayPal Falls Short on Global Transactions for some fascinating information from a Common Sense Advisory report.


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